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“Prepare for struggle. Film with fun.”
– Kihachi Okamoto

It’s been a long time coming. Our team started this production company when we were still in graduate school. It came into existence because we were referred for several jobs, and we decided that we can pursue it full-time once we graduate.

And here we are now. And it’s hard, for lack of a better word. haha.

Denver is saturated with production companies because we are passionate about filmmaking, and we’re striving to build successful businesses doing what we love. And with that, comes a lot of competition.

But I like to think that we are all different in some way – we all have something unique to offer.

When you mix diverse cultures and personalities, you end up with a pretty mean sauce.

I like to describe myself as the Vietnamese Monica Gellar of the group. Marteene is the female the Chilean-Sicilian Chandler Bing. And…that makes Stefan, the Ross (jk Stefan – kind of).

YEP. We are those other friends. We offer multiple viewpoints to a project as we have distinct styles of filming and differing opinions about many topics. Yet, we use our diversity to strengthen our filmmaking and persevere to tell stories that inform, surprise, and captivate.

Although it’s not always easy to convince people to think outside the box. We’ll continue to try our damndest anyhow because everyone deserves to tell an amazing story.

– Oanh


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