Our Mission

To create stories that have provoking characters and themes.

Everyone has an interesting story to tell. Crafting a vision that illustrates that story effectively is essential because no amount of fancy equipment can make up for a bad narrative. Don’t get us wrong. It’s important to create compelling visuals, but that’s not enough substance for the audience to hold onto.

We believe in creating stories that have diverse characters and viewpoints. We believe it’s important to step outside of the comfort zone and spark conversation. Let’s implement different film styles, features, or techniques to engage your audience. Let’s be strategic and utilize only what is essential to drive the story forward and peak interest, saving time and money.

With so much clutter in the media, we’re excited to work with you to create sumthing worthy of talking about.

Our Services

Short and long format films (narrative, documentary, and industrial)

Clips and cinegraphs for social media

Creative development: script writing, booking talent, securing locations, editing


Meet The Team.

Our team is as diverse as they come if you couldn’t already tell by our B&W “I’m a professional” headshots. We all met at the University of Denver where we earned our Master’s in Video Production. We bonded through the long hours spent on our film projects, cried about our personal lives, and laughed a sh*t ton at the bar where we have our picture on the wall because it became our second home.

We are serious about what we do, and we have fun doing it.


Marteene Diaz


Marteene is a writer, editor, and director who has created content for companies such as Starz and Bluprint (NBCU). Although she came from a health science background, she had an intense passion for T.V. and film narratives. After getting hooked on Colorado, she said byeeee to Florida to study and pursue it full-time. Since graduating, she’s created an award-winning documentary short, Face Value, and directed a short narrative comedy, Scary Lucy – all while maintaining her sh*t – most of the time.


Oanh Le


Aside from being a ninja… having grown up drawing and painting, Oanh has learned to use her creative eye to enhance her years of work in graphic design which led to specializing in marketing and designing ads for various industries from finance to outdoor recreation. Inspired by the emotional storytelling by her favorite brands/networks, she’s been dedicated to producing and distributing as many captivating stories as she can. Recently, she has worked with Superlative Films on social media and digital marketing for the theatrical release of the critically-acclaimed Sundance film, COLUMBUS.


Stefan Wisnoski

Director of Photography

Stefan is an award-winning documentary and experimental filmmaker based in Denver, Colorado.  He served in the United States Army for nearly a decade before separating in early 2015 to pursue graduate school and his passion for visual storytelling.  Since then, he’s worked nationally and internationally as a freelance cinematographer and assistant camera, AND adopted the world’s most adorable puppy – Archer.  Stefan is a DC native who has lived in Colorado for less than three years, but already refers to out-of-state drivers as tourists – he is the literal worst.


We're building trusting relationships.